Solantro partners with Smarttrak for PV solar solutions in India’s rapidly growing solar industry


Ottawa, ON, Febuary 4, 2016  

Solantro Semiconductor is partnering with Smarttrak.  This is Solantro’s first engagement to deliver solutions for India’s rapidly growing solar industry. Smarttrak, a Hyderabad, India based company with over 150 employees has selected Solantro’s Digital Power Processing dP2 Chipset to integrate into the control layer of their trackers for remote management. They are expecting to deploy over 160 MW of Solar Tracking Solutions across India this year alone. 

The Indian government has ear-marked Rs 50 billion ($753 million USD) to pay for the installation of rooftop solar panels over the next five years. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Cabinet increased the funding and set a target of generating 100,000 MW of electricity from solar panels by 2022 to overcome India’s acute power shortage. 

India is rich in solar energy with insolation on its land area alone of about 5,000 trillion kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year. India has a great potential to generate electricity from solar energy. The country is on course to emerge as a solar energy hub. 

 “Solantro sees tremendous opportunity in India for bottom-up electrification using renewables by taking full advantage of our dP2 technology,” said Antoine Paquin, CEO of Solantro. “We are very pleased to have selected a Canadian platform to grow our business,” noted Bhagawan Gnanapa , CEO of Smarttrak. The adoption of new technology solutions like Solantro’s is a foundation to drive power conversion efficiency and economics. Solantro is forging strong relationships to advance technology developed in Ontario, Canada to make a difference in everyday lives of the Indian population. "We see India as a strategic growth market and will continue to add strategic partnerships for our custom platform to enable rural electrification solutions,” adds Raj Narula, Director India at Solantro.

Solantro is part of a trade mission led by the Premier of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne, promoting Ontario’s expertise in sustainable development technologies. Ontario passed the Green Energy Green Economy Act in 2009 to expand uptake of renewable energy and foster development of renewable energy technology.  

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About Solantro Semiconductor

Solantro designs and manufactures semiconductor devices  to measure, process and drive power conversion architectures. Solantro’s dedicated power conversion chipset based on unique Digital Power Processor dP2 technology provides customers with the highest performance and reliability at the best price. From PV solar micro-inverters to DC optimizers to battery chargers, our customers use our dP2 chipset to bring reliable products to market faster and at a lower cost when compared to using discrete components. 

Solantro has assembled a team of successful entrepreneurs, experienced power engineers and chip designers that are focused on creating dedicated products to modernize the electrical grid using renewable energy. Whether India customers are designing DC, AC, or Hybrid AC / DC systems, for residential or commercial applications, Solantro’s dP2 chipset and tools greatly accelerate product development.

About Smarttrak

Smarttrak was established in the year 2011, with the benign thought of addressing energy crisis and climate change issue globally. The company’s presence is prominent in India, predominantly operating in A.P, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Gujarat and Delhi. Smarttrak renders services through three offices in India and one office in the US.

Smarttrak is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company that has made its mark across a gamut of verticals, viz. embedded cloud-based monitoring and control system, software algorithm development, electronic hardware and mechanical system design.

From left to right: Bruce Lazenby , CEO Invest Ottawa; Antoine Paquin, CEO Solantro; Bhagawan Gnanapa , CEO of Smarttrak; Raj Narula, Director India at Solantro

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