Bridgeless Totem-Pole PFC – PS-1k2PFC-GaN


  •   Universal AC line input voltage (85 V- 264 V)
  •   385 VDC regulated bus output voltage. (Adjustable in firmware)
  •   1.2 kW continuous output power @ 230 V, 600 W continuous output power @ 115 V.
  •   Full load efficiency > (99%), PF > 0.99 (meet 80 PLUS® Titanium standards)
  •   Low THD (< 3%)
  •   Based on Solantro SA4041 Digital Power Processor and GaN Systems GS66508B 650V E-HEMT


  •   Fan-less, self-powered (from AC input). No external DC supply required
  •   Minimal external components due to high level of integration with SA4041
  •   High Efficiency across wide load range is achieved by using GaN E-HEMTs and advanced control techniques
  •   Easily scaled to higher power with magnetics design, GaN device selection


  •   High-efficiency AC-DC power conversion
  •   Data Center Switched-mode power supplies (SMPS)
  •   Industrial servo-motor control, electronic control units

Bridgeless Totem-Pole PFC – PS-1k2PFC-GaN

This 1.2 kW Bridgeless Totem Pole PFC (BTP PFC) development platform is controlled by Solantro’s latest generation SA4041 digital power processor and leverages the performance benefits of GaN Systems’ 650 V E-HEMT family.

This fan-less design solution achieves 80 PLUS® Titanium standards for data centers and computing applications.

It demonstrates high power density, reliable start-up, high efficiency, reduced heat sinking, low THD and low EMI. The topology is bi-directional and can be easily scaled (~10 kW).

The SA4041 integrates high-speed analog peripherals, hardware accelerators and an event driven timing engine with a 50 MHz micro-processor.

This design implements hysteretic current control with adaptive dead-time control and automatic transition between hard and soft-switched operation (ZVS) to provide maximum efficiency with GaN E-HEMTs over a wide operating range.

The SA4041 integrated hardware accelerators and event timing engine allow the current control loop to be implemented in hardware and allow CPU resources to be utilized for low frequency bulk voltage control, housekeeping and communications functionality.

In this reference design, Solantro’s SA4041 uses less than 50% of its available interrupt bandwidth including all control, household, and protection features.




Chipset Used


Product Development Kit

  • Solantro development license agreement
  • PS-1k2PFC-GaN development platform with installed firmware
  • Helios Test and Control Tool
  • Software Development Environment
  • PS-1k2FPC-GaN development platform  documentation
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