DC Optimizer - DC-PODX


  • DC Optimizer evaluation board with Solantro's chipset SA1001 Analog Power Manager APM and SA3101 Maximizer Controller MAXC
  • Connectors for the DC Power supply for the PV-module-side inputs (PV+ and PV-)
  • String outputs (OUT+ and OUT-) for verifying the string operation


  • Verify two main features: DC power optimizer and intelligent disconnect
  • Demonstrate power efficiencies up to 99%
  • Small form factor with low BOM count
  • Eliminates high PV string voltages during installation, string disconnect in case of maintenance/emergency (fire) event


DC Power Optimizer and Intelligent Disconnect Kit

The Solantro chipset based DC-PODX evaluation platform includes electronics for maximizing power harvested from individual PV-modules as well as for intelligent disconnection of the PV-module output upon detection of loss of string current.

The DC-PODX evaluation board design is based on Solantro's Power Manager chipset and firmware. It combines all of the required sensing and MOSFET drive circuitry for module optimization and safety disconnect operation without the need for additional external communications equipment. 

  • Above measured efficiencies from DC-PODX evaluation board
  • Peak efficiency @99.7%
  • CEC weighted efficiency @99.48%
  • European weighted efficiency @99.57%

Chipset Used

Product Evaluation Kit

  • Solantro evaluation license agreement
  • DC-PODX evaluation unit with installed firmware
  • Installation instruction sheet
  • Manufacturing test data sheet
  • USB memory stick includes Quick Start guide

Product Development Kit

  • Adds a connection for a PC or external controller to re-configure | re-program the firmware
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