DC Optimizer - DC-POD


  • DC Optimizer evaluation board with Solantro’s chipset SA1001 Analog Power Manager APM and SA3101 Maximizer Controller MAXC
  • PV-module Junction box with enclosed DC-POD evaluation board
  • Junction box with string outputs (OUT+ and OUT-) and PV module connections for DC inputs (PV+ and PV-) and substring DC inputs (PVS1, PVS2)
  • Replacement of bypass diodes with MOSFET switches
  • Supports 60 and 72-cell c-Si PV-modules having up to three solar cell substrings. Also supports thin-film (CIGS, CdTe) PV modules
  • Simple to use. No external communication equipment needed


  • Verify two main features: DC power optimizer and intelligent disconnect
  • Demonstrate power efficiencies up to 99%
  • Show ability to compensate losses due to mismatch, shading, soiling, temperature gradients and aging
  • Eliminates high PV string voltages during installation, string disconnect in case of maintenance/emergency (fire) event


DC Power Optimizer and Intelligent Disconnect

The SolantroTM DC-POD evaluation platform provides a chipset-based PV-module Junction Box (j-box) solution which includes electronics for maximizing power harvested from individual PV-modules as well as for intelligent safety disconnection / reconnection of the PV-module output upon loss of string current on a per module basis. 

The Solantro Power Manager, based on the SA1001 – APM and SA3101 – MAXC ICs, provides all of the sense points and MOSFET drivers required for the critical elements within the design. The power MOSFETs Q1 and Q2 provide dual functionality depending on the DC-POD mode of operation. In the “Optimizer” mode both transistors operate as synchronous switches being part of a buck converter.  In “Disconnect-Bypass” mode the transistor Q1 connects or disconnects the PV-module from the string and transistor Q2 when switched ON (short) provides the PV-module bypass function with very low voltage drop across this transistor (to reduce power dissipation inside the j-box). 

Across each of these substrings, a parallel MOSFET (STR1, STR2 and STR3) is connected to provide bypass functionality in event the substring is shaded and not able to provide enough power to operate. Every PV-module within the PV-array branch string should be equipped with a DC-POD-enabled PV-Junction Box to maximize power from the PV-array and to allow the entire string voltage (up to 1000VDC) to collapse to zero when the DC-PODs enter the Disconnect-Bypass Mode (i.e. disconnect the PV-module outputs).

Chipset Used


Evaluation Kit

  • Solantro evaluation license agreement
  • DC-POD evaluation unit in j-box with installed firmware
  • Installation instruction sheet
  • Manufacturing test data sheet
  • USB memory stick includes Quick Start guide

Product Development Kit

  • Adds a connection for a PC or external controller to re-configure | re-program the firmware
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