IXC2 Development Board


  •   Development Board with Solantro’s SA4041 (IXC2) Inverter Controller
  •   Interface ports for interacting with the Helios Test and Control Tool


  •   Change parameters on the SA4041 (IXC2) for testing and evaluation purposes
  •   Develop, download, and test firmware for the SA4041 (IXC2)



SA4041 (IXC2) Development Board

The Solantro TM  The Solantro SA4041 (IXC2) Development Board is a PCB on which is mounted an SA4041 (IXC2) IC, with USB and UART ports for communications between the SA4041 (IXC2) and the Helios Test and Control Tool. Along with the Solantro Product Development Environment, the SA4041 (IXC2) Development Board provides a platform for developing firmware for the SA4041 (IXC2) to support custom applications. 

Product Development Kit

  • Solantro development license agreement
  • SA4041 (IXC2) Development Platform with installed firmware
  • Product Development Environment
  • Helios Test and Control Tool
  • SA4041 (IXC2) Development Platform documentation
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