Micro Inverter – MI-P300A


  •   Highly Integrated Micro-Inverter Platform
  •   300W Micro-Inverter Development Board
  •   Highly Programmable
  •   CEC Weighted Efficiencies > 96%
  •   Peak Efficiency 96.7%
  •   HDLC UART interface to enable programming
  •   Anti-Islanding


  •   Enables Gateway Monitoring
  •   Grid Synchronization
  •   Auto-controlled Soft Switching
  •   Grid Management


  •   Enables industry to economical migrate to Micro-Inverters

Micro-Inverter – MI-P300A

The Solantro™ MI-P300A Development Platform facilitates the development of a complete chipset-based Micro-Inverter solution.

The platform implements a single stage micro-inverter design to address the latest grid-tied Solar PV market’s demand for high efficiency and reliability at the lowest cost.

The power train performs MPPT, DC-AC inversion and grid side functions.

The chipset supports a wide range of PV-module and power grid specifications for both North American and International applications.

The MI-P300A Development Platform includes UART ports for communication between the IXC and the Helios Test and Control Tool. The MI-P300A Product Development Environment includes firmware to enable custom applications.



Chipset Used


Product Development Kit

  • Solantro development license agreement
  • MI-P300A development platform with installed firmware
  • Helios Test and Control Tool
  • Product development environment
  • MI-P300A development platform documentation
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