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Complete analog front-end for digital power conversion 

The SA1002 (APM) integrated circuit contains essential functions for building power conversion systems such as DC-AC micro-inverters, DC-DC power optimizers and intelligent disconnect products. These functions include voltage dividers for analog sensing, power conversion for on-board supplies, and MOSFET drivers.

A flyback controller with an integrated switch can provide 2W of power (transformer dependent) and allows for the design of isolated two-stage or single-stage power trains for micro-inverters as well as for DC optimizers.

Two analog inputs, PD4I ad PD5I, are scaled and output on low-voltage pins PD4O and PD5O, for digitization by the companion ICs (MAXC or IXC). Three fast divider inputs, FD1I, FD2I, and VHV/FD3I, are also scaled and are output on low-voltage pins FD1O, FD2O, and FD3O. These analog outputs are used to complement the integrated high-side MOSFET drivers and allow implementation of various DC-DC conversion topologies. The high-side and low-side MOSFET drivers are protected against erroneous driving signals on inputs HS1I, LS1I, HS2I, and LS2I by embedded cross-conduction protection circuitry.

Most of the SA1002 (APM) functional blocks described here are specified to support more than one application. The three major functional blocks of the SA1002 (APM) are for sensing signals, driving signals, and providing power to itself and other parts of the overall circuit.

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Features Include

  •  Dual 12V/2.5A low-side drivers with programmable under-voltage lock out (UVLO)

  •  Dual 12V/0.5A high-side drivers and programmable UVLO

  •  Integrated MOSFET driver cross-conduction protection (driver interlock)

  •  Two precision voltage dividers (+/-0.25%) with 80V maximum input voltage and programmable division ratios (1/64, 1/32, 1/16, 1/8)

  •  Three fast voltage dividers (20MHz) with 80V maximum input voltage and programmable division ratios (1/64, 1/32, 1/16, 1/8). These dividers can be changed into precision dividers when set to unbuffered.

  •  Flyback controller with 0.5 ohm/80V switch and soft-switching controller

  •  5V minimum start-up voltage for 300mW load (typical)

Sample Applications

  •  DC-AC micro-inverters

  •  DC-DC power converters

  •  Intelligent PV-panel disconnect (rapid shutoff)

  •  AC-Battery Inverters

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