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Microcontroller for managing real-time power converters

The SA4011 (IXC) is a mixed signal integrated circuit with analog sensing functions and digital processing. It contains a micro-processor based on a 32-bit RISC core, a set of peripherals for timing control, inter IC communications, data memory, and general purpose digital inputs and outputs (GPIO).

The SA4011 (IXC) provides the timing information for the power MOSFET / SiC / GaN signal processing and performs functions required for power train.

The control of the DC to AC inversion is based on sampling analog signals from the power train by the voltage sensing block of the SA4011 (IXC). These signals are then band-limited with anti-aliasing filters and digitized with high resolution A/D converters. Together with signals acquired from the current sensing block, they form an input to the SA4011 (IXC) control algorithm. The output of this algorithm is a set of signals that control the power train through the driver timing control block.

Two communications ports to the 32-bit micro-controller are available through the UART interfaces. 

Digital Power Processor (IXC): Products

Features Include

  •  Three 100MHz programmable timing engines supporting eight driver outputs

  •  DC to AC

  •  PWM

  •  Current mode control

  •  Dedicated smart digital PLL for grid sync and dedicated sensing comparator

  •  32-bit RISC micro-controller core operating at up to 50MHz with 64KB of SRAM memory and 4kB of ROM

  •  Rich power control centric analog periphery

  •  Two programmable slope dV/dt sensors (for soft switching timing)

  •  Five 10-bit, 1.4MS/s ADCs; four independent and one multiplexed, followed by digital filters

  •  Twenty-four 10ns fast comparators

  •  Ten 10-bit analog DACs for internal comparator threshold setting

  •  Differential current sensing amplifier interface

  •  Temperature sensing

Sample Applications

  •  Single-panel and dual-panel micro-inverters

  •  High efficiency battery charge controllers

  •  Industrial automation controllers

  •  Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS)

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