Power Management Chipset

Unlike existing integrated circuits that process information, Solantro's chips are designed & built specifically to measure, process and drive complex power architectures from distributed energy resources.

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Use Solantro's software package to accelerate code development and quickly implement designs using the Power Management Chipset.  

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What is the Intergrid?

Today, Internet communications technology is converging with renewable energies, giving rise to a Third Industrial Revolution.  For this to happen cost-effectively requires purpose-built integrated circuits.  Unfortunately, these specialized chips do not exist.  Until now... 

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Solantro Semiconductor Awarded $4 Million18-Dec-2013

Solantro Semiconductor Awarded $4 Million in Funding from Ontario Innovation Demonstration Fund ..

Solantro Awarded $3.8 Million in Funding 12-Sep-2013

Solantro Semiconductor Awarded $3.8 Million in Funding from SDTC for Renewable Energy Self-Formi..

Government of Canada Supports Project to Enhance Solar Panel Efficiency28-Jul-2013

Ottawa, Ontario, July 28, 2011 – A technology that could significantly increase solar ener..

Solantro Secures $10 Million Series A Financing12-Dec-2012

Solantro Semiconductor Secures $10 Million Series A Financing for Development of Chipsets for So..

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